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EAFlashUpload v 2.6 -

flash file uploader

Flash file uploader - multiple file upload
Flash file uploader - multiple file upload

Flash uploader is a reliable, client-side flash file upload control that solves one of the most common tasks for webmasters: cross-browser multiple file upload with a high level of control of the uploading process. Flash uploader tool provides extensive customization possibilities, therefore it can be easily integrated into your website design.

JavaScript API provides full control of user interaction with EAFlashUpload. It doesn't require Flash/ActionScript programming skills. Scalable architecture allows the loading of only necessary content on the client-side.

Flash uploader runs on the client side and is compatible with all server side platforms (PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, ColdFusion, JSP and Perl).

We provide FREE integration assistance. Contact us for technical support.

Flash uploader features summary:

  • Simultaneous multiple file upload using multiple selection in "Browse" dialog;
  • Upload files without a page refresh;
  • Multiple file upload to Amazon S3 - see in action
  • Preview images on the client-side - see in action
  • Rotation and resizing images on the client-side - see in action
  • Ability to upload resized images with different sizes in a one upload session - see in action
  • Bicubic interpolation is used during images processing. This means resized images have better quality;
  • Provides user friendly interface for selected files management;
  • Access to attributes of selected files (file name, size, modification date etc.);
  • Allows you to define a specific description for each file;
  • Filtering by file extensions. Ex: allow selection of image files only;
  • Specify restrictions by file size, file count, total amount of selected files etc.;
  • Handle events which are dispatched during upload process through JavaScript;
  • Create pure DHTML/ JavaScript user interface with advanced EAFlashUpload functionality;
  • Display rich status information about the uploading process;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Advanced functionality for GUI localization in many languages;
  • and much more;

See full features list...

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