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EAFlashUpload - advanced flash uploader. It allows upload multiple files to the web server without page reload.

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EAUpload -

Asp.net file upload component

Asp.net file upload component
File upload component for ASP.NET

EAUpload is an ASP.NET file upload component that provides expansive functionality for ASP.NET applications to work with uploaded files to the web server using a browser. It conforms to the specification that is defined in RFC 1867 (Form-based File Upload). EAUpload doesn't require any client side controls such as ActiveX or Java applets, but if you use any client side controls then EAUpload can still operate with a file that was uploaded by these controls.

The core of EAUpload is an EAUploadModule that handles and processes upload requests to any or to specified resources in the ASP.NET application. Uploaded files are buffered to disk, protecting a web server from memory leakages.

EAUpload also includes a simple way to guard against denial of service attacks. It provides the ability to limit the size of the files that can be uploaded to the web server.

File upload component features summary:

  • Large files upload (up to 4GB limited by IIS web server);
  • Multiple file upload via one request;
  • Includes FREE license for advanced flash uploader EAFlashUpload;
  • Handles files that are uploaded via ASP.NET 2.0 FileUpload control;
  • Support IIS 7.0 Integrated mode;
  • Uploading files are buffered to disk allowing reduced memory usage and protecting application from System.OutOfMemoryException errors due to memory leaks;
  • Supports lengthy requests;
  • Compatible with SSL (HTTPS) and any kind of authentication.
  • Provides advanced upload status information. Supports JSON format.
  • EAUpload is written in C# providing optimal performance, control and stability;
  • All component classes are 100% CLS compatible and 100% managed;
  • Many various examples written in C# and in VB.NET for Visual Studio 2003, 2005 and 2008;
    Examples include:

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